Purpose of FJ62 Silencer

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Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
From the emission diagrams I have studied, the 'silencer' on a FJ62 appears to be a 'muffler' to quiet the air pump, when it's in bypass mode. Is that correct? There is no description of its function in the 1988 FSM I studied.

Such a thing doesn't exist on an FJ40 and I was wondering if removing it would have an ill effect on an otherwise-stock FJ62 emissions setup. It's a big old honkin' thing under the hood.
I removed the silencer today and when started cold, the ABV valve puts out a small amount of air, along with a faint 'chugging' sound, easily masked by the naturally loud 3FE engine. I will add a hose to the die-cast ABV outlet, and run it into the driver's side fender - probably not critical.

Removing the giant silencer opens up a lot of room for, say, a set of 4-note Cadillac horns <insert maniacal laugh here>

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