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Mar 31, 2019
Charleston, SC
So I am finalizing a deal for a 2000 LC about an 8 hour drive away. I found reasonable shipping so I am thinking of just going that route. Never having done this was wondering what important things I need to make sure I have before hand for him and for him to give to me? Obviously title etc
8hrs away? I'd go get it in person.
how much are you going to drop on it, $8,000-10,000?
Just something I'd rather do in person.
8 hours away? and need it shipped? trust me, it is too much hassle than driving it back home.
If you do decide to ship, the trucker will complete a condition report with flaws marked on a diagram. Ask the seller to scrutinize it carefully. If you know and trust the trucker you can let him courier the title. If not give him a photocopy of the title and have the seller send the original title to you via traceable mail or courier. If you do give the original title to the trucker make him sign for it - with language that is very clear that he has taken possession of the original title. Deal with a reputable shipper obviously. If you don't already have one get a copy of the title, front and back, via email. Review it and make sure that the seller has properly signed and notarized (if necessary).

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