SOLD (Purchase Complete) WTB: Any Location 1996-1997 LC/LX Locked

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Texas United States
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Looking for 1996-1997 Landcruiser or LX450. Located in Texas (DFW) but will travel for the right buy.

Mandatory Requirements:
-Must Be 1996 or 1997
-Must be triple locked (Factory Preferred)
-Must have all seating

Other Case By Case Preferences:
-Prefer Low Mileage/Higher Mileage Rigs Considered (Especially With Good Preventative Maintenance/Documentation)
-Have no preference between LX/LC
-Color Prefer White or Light Colors but all colors considered
-Paint Stock or Repainted, Some Patina Is Not a Deal Breaker
-Tires stock or 34/35
-Lift stock or 3-5"
-No Excessive Rust; Minor rust will be acceptable on the right rig.
-Second and Third row seats in okay/excellent Condition
-Front seats of all conditions Considered
-Dash no or few cracks

I can purchase quickly if the right rig comes along but have no problem waiting several months and continuing to monitor the market.

Thanks to all those who contacted me.
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Still searching for the right rig.

Edited location in thread title to show "Any Location".

Thanks to everyone that has contacted me.
Purchase finalized.

Seller was kj6mlk

Handled the trek from SLC to Durango Colorado like a champ. Moved through the mountain passes and snow storm with ease.

Props to kj6mlk for putting together a great rig!

Tomorrow I will finish the journey back to Fort Worth.
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Here is a picture of the LX I took while making my way through MOAB.

I wanted as new as possible. I also actually slightly prefer the LX version. I wanted to also avoid having to discover all the differences in the 95 compared to the 96/97. I chose to completely side step that area.

In short. I had a variety of reasons.

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