For Sale Purchase Advice: About to buy a Clean 2006 LC with OME Suspension

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United States

I am about to join the LC Family and buy a 2006 Land Cruiser that looks very clean, will go drive it next weekend. Was looking for a stock look/drive, but found this one with 110,000 miles. Has all maintenance records, timing belt done, water pump, hoses done at 100K miles. Last year owner changed from stock suspension to OME 1.5 with Medium setting and added A/T KO2. Not planning on adding bumpers in short term. Wondering if it would be a good truck to own or wait for one with stock suspension and no AHC. How much harsher is the OME suspension?






I would not wait to drive it if possible as it will probably go very quickly
sounds like a good plan, I'm excited for you ! I have a 2006 and feel you would be happy with it
Non-nav and are those 17s? I may be wrong but from south of the border it appears, that's a good find right there. Congrats.
Correct, @92LXAZ i am in the other side of the wall :) Comes with 17's and 275/65/17. Kinda wish it had the 285/70/17 KO'2

Ha gotcha. Nice rig, glad you jumped on it.
glad you bought. you'll end up happy you got one with a lift an appropriate tires. and lovely low mileage. enjoy that thing.

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