pulling rear bumper mount strait

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Dec 14, 2005
I am sure some one here knows this. Without taking it to a body shop just to have the bumper mount pulled, is there some alternatives to do this like use some ones winch? Perhaps two winches from two vehicles? Need to pull it strait, then make a new bumper :)

I know a winch may just drag my vehicle but, perhaps I could anchor it to a tree, and have a mammoth Ford F450 with winch pull is strait.
Tie bent part to a tree, drive away...

Use a chain.

Push in the clutch before it comes up tight.

Start out slowly then build up speed...
I straightened out the smittybuilt bumper (and bent mounting tabs) on my old truck by tying it to a tree with a tow strap and giving it a good hard tug :)
it would help a lot to see a pic. I used a come-a-along to pull out the bumper on my old 60.

try the winch, if it doesn't work then just build new mounts.

...or when you build your new bumper, cut out the rear crossmember to gain departure angle using the new bumper to regain rigidity. that's what I did, kinda. this was right after the chop.

I will show pic once I pull off the bumper. Might do that some time today

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