PTO winch troubles?

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Oct 9, 2007
Kamloops British Columbia
I tested the pto for the first time this weekend on my BJ74, thankfully just in the driveway and it engages ok and starts to reel in, but if I put some weight on the cable I can stop the shaft from turning which stops the cable. This wont help me once I'm stuck! Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Transfer case? Please let me know.

do a search, you'll find lots of info on this. Look under shear pin as I know they go regularly with these guys.
x2 on the search, but sure sounds like shear pin to me. They really suck!!! I have read about some people that have changed it out with a bolt. supposed to work well. good luck!
Toyota also offers an upgraded shear pin which is a larger diameter.
Toyota can order them in, its like $0.65 each or something, I brought in 10...
I've never changed this before and I dont have a manual, but I'd like to do it myself. Does anyone have a manual showing this that they can scan for me?

I'll check with the toyota guy here about getting some pins in for me.

sorry no manual but it is really easy. Just crawl under pound out the old pin with a punch, slip in the new one and replace the cotter pins. Takes about 3 min. once you've done it once. Not to hijack the thread but anyone know of some upgraded pins the same size but stronger?
The replacement Toyota pin is a larger diameter than the original. The hole needs to be enlarged in order for the new pin to fit.

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