PTO winch rebuild

Nov 11, 2003
Madison, MS
I couldn't find anything in the tech links on a PTO winch rebuild so I'm trying the forum. The drive shaft for the winch goes through a support bearing of sorts right behind the winch. An aluminum housing bolts to the frame and the splined shaft that goes into the winch gearbox goes through this housing. I can't get the shaft out of the aluminum housing. The Toyota manual describes both ends of the PTO winch system but says nothing about this bearing on the PTO drive shaft. Can anyone help me out?


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Oct 1, 2003
This is a hanger bearing, and from what I have been told, is not serviceable separately, and conveniently, has been discontinued by Toyota for some time. The ones that I have are wore a bit, but seem to work fine in their applications. Talked with Marv at SOR some time back, and he had a couple, but they were in the 250.00us+ range. You may be able to find one out here, or better yet, just make something up yourself.

Good luck!


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