PTO Winch Bushing

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May 18, 2011
Rebuidling a PTO Winch...

How tight should the the brass bushings on the PTOdrum shaft be? Mine are very tight had to use press, with lots on pressure to remove the shaft.

Prior to removing the shaft I could barely turn the winch by hand by turning the shaft where the shear pin is and this was after removing the drum.
My pto winch turns easily by hand at the shear-pin uni-joint.
I have another one in the shed and it turns freely too.

I rebuilt mine some time ago but don't recall having to press the shaft out.

Car maybe had an accident and bent something?

Good Luck
It is a Toyota winch. The shaft is straight. Even when I had everything apart, except the shaft throught the bushing in the case, I couldn't turn the shaft. I think I will try another shaft and new bushings.

It's odd as none of them seem to be quite the same. My other winch one has a grese zerk for the busing in the support that holds the shaft by the engage lever, this one doesn't have one. Also have two drive shafts and they are different diameters (1/4" different). All of them look like factory original (no modes).
I think I found out the issue is the shaft seems to be slightly oversized. I needed the inner bushing out of a 2nd winch (that has a cracked case), so I pulled it apart. That shaft turns fine in the bushings. Some of the parts are pretty hard to come by, so it is taking 2 bad winches, just to build one good one. I will take pictures as I reassemble it and post them.
assuming the toyota is similar to the thomas/ramsay pto the guys that i brought my new shaft from said to make sure that the bronze gear was tight on the shaft i actually used a pin punch on the shaft to make mine a tighter fit

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