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Aug 12, 2014
Near Charlottesville, VA
Used my factory pto winch for the first time today to get out of a snow drift. Worked fine BUT

I noticed the drive cogs or dogs don't engage fully when I move the handle next to the drum to the Engaged hole. Do I need to insert shims or spacers somewhere?
checked a couple laying on the shelf and they dont either after 44 years of using the pto never had a problem with them .doesnt mean im right though
After looking at the winch handle, I think my solution is to make a new handle bracket (?) with the "engaged" hole in a different position that will provide full engagement. This is the L-shaped piece of bent metal with two holes that the winch handle rests in.
I have in the past just moved it past the hole and used it. It didn't move while using. Most the time just as is with no problem. Besides making a new bracket without looking I cann't remember if it's possible to just slot the two mounting holes for the bracket and slide it over a little?
To get full engagement, the pin for the handle has to be almost to the end of the bracket. I guess I could "carve" an indentation for it at the edge there. Since I have some scrap metal that will work (for once) I'm going to make a new bracket.

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