psi, amps, ohms and such

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May 30, 2002
I am in the process of making a custom instrument cluster using autometer gauges. I was wondering what specific psi to get for oil pressure, the temps to get for water temp and the amps to get for the ammeter. Ive searched the haynes manueal and the chassis and body manual and can't seem to find any numbers i can use as a refrence. Thanks for any help
Just looking in a summit catalog I would say 100 psi on oil, 280 degrees on water and amps should be about 60. I think These are pretty much standard and should cover more than enough for stock or mildy modified.
I found many aftermarket water temp guages to not go high enough. Many topped out at 220. GM fan switches don't turn on until then.
Also, I sure wouldn't put an amp guage in. Especially if you are upgrading to a high amp alternator. A volt guage can tell you much of the same info without running all of the alternator output through your dash panel. Most amp guages are an electrical problem waiting to happen.

I'll second the amp gauge comment...switch to a volt and it tells ya jsut as much!
My amp gauge caused me the pain of taking in my Alternator thinking it wasn't charging. The gauge went bad and an amp gauge must be connected in series, So I didn't have a complete circuit anymore
Thanks ill switch over to voltmeter then. Also, I'm putting a fuel gauge in the aux. tank and was wondering what ohms to use. Does it matter?
I think what you will have to do is use an ohm meter and check your senders resistance with the float in empty and full position, or measure the resistance of the sender if its in the tank already, when the tank is empty and full.

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