PS getting frustrating - gearbox fittings....

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Oct 9, 2008
Lake Arrowhead, CA (was), Rocky Top, TN (is)
This power steering thing is starting to.....well bug me.

I bought a mini-truck "kit" a while back and had it in the garage - finally decided to mount it up.

First, I found that I had a Tercel pump and mounting bracket that I couldn't use because I'm in CA and need to retain the smog pump. So I sourced an OEM pump and bracket and bolted it up. Not so bad.....not cheap, but that's okay.

Next, I found that the hi-pressure hose that came with it doesn't fit the gearbox. Looking at it more closely yesterday, it is obvious that it is not the 16mm fitting that I thought it was.

The hose I have threads perfectly into the Tercel pump. However, the high pressure port is smaller than the 16mm and the return side is larger than 16mm (it threads in, but is very loose) on the gearbox. WASSUP????

I'm sure I read about someone else having this same problem and I'd love to know what that person or other people have come up with to "make it right."

Of course, I just special ordered a hi-pressure hose that has 16mm male inverted flare fittings on both ends. Anyone want it? Or the other hi-pressure hose I have? How about a Tercel pump? I also special ordered the return line fitting - hope it fits. Geez.

Thanks for whatever help you can give me.....:beer:
I can't help you with anything Tercel??? I don't understand which gear box you ended up with, Tercel or Pickup??? If it is a Toyota Pickup, the high pressure side is 16mm flare (inverted flare to be exact). Low pressure side is a non-issue, a hose and two clamps!!
Here are the parts I'm using: OEM pump with bracket and pulley, a mini-truck box with pedestal mount and a hi-pressure hose with 16mm inverted flare fittings at both ends. I do not have a return line nipple, but have just recently ordered PN 44416-34010 that bsevans recommended.


Like I said before, the Tercel pump (that came with the kit I bought & that I replaced with the OEM pump) won't work for me since I need to keep the smog pump (for CA emmissions). The gearbox is a mini-truck box (of undetermined year).

Looking it up, the Tercel pump takes a 16mm inverted flare hose on the hi-pressure side. The hose I have (pictured) fits the Tercel pump but does NOT fit either the hi-pressure or the return line fitting in the gearbox - the hi-pressure side is smaller than 16MM and the return side is larger than 16mm.

I remember reading a post saying that there's a certain year of mini-truck gearbox that had different sized fittings and (after an hour of searching) I can't find it (sorry Poser). I was hoping someone could point me to that person and I could find out how they rectified the situation.....

Thanks again for the help!
I wish I could help you. I have no experience with PS yet. I am interested in you Tercel setup though. Let me know if you still want to get rid of it.
I definitely do want to get rid of it because I can't use it with the California smog nazis. I have the pump with the reservoir (slightly dented, but not leaking) and pulley and some kind of tensioner bracket for it. I can also include the power steering hose with the correct 16mm inverted flare. You'd still need to source the mini-truck gearbox and the pedestal mount for it (PM orange45 - he makes the mount). I might have some pics of the tercel pump somewhere if you want to see it.....
Yeah I'll take some pics of the unit. I'll pm you with my info
Are there any numbers cast into your gearbox? Both my Tercel pump and gearbox take a 16mm male inverted flare fitting on the high pressure side. Perhaps the threads on your gearbox are messed up and that is why it won't thread in? You state the high pressure side on your box is smaller than 16mm. If that is the case I would head to the parts store with your gearbox and try a 14mm flare hose and a 12mm and find the correct size then have a hose custom made if you can't find an off the shelf hose that will work.
John Smith - There are numbers, but I left the piece of paper at home. I'll post them up tomorrow - maybe that will shed some light on this. I remember somewhere in the countless hours I've spent reading threads here that someone said there is a certain year of box that has different fitting sizes - not the standard 16mm. The hi-pressure side is definitely smaller than 16mm and the return side is definitely larger than 16mmm. Weird, huh? I'll take some pics tonight to show everyone what I'm talking about. I may have to just take it to the parts store.....just wish I hadn't already spent $30 on the hose and $30 on the return line nipple.....
John Smith called it - the threads on the gearbox for the high-pressure side were slightly messed up. Was able to clean it up and the 16mm threads in perfectly. BTW, the return line nipple went in perfectly as well and has, I believe, 17mm threads. I still have the Tercel pump if anyone is interested.....
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