Protecting the rear tail lights

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Sep 25, 2007
East Idaho
Ive been holding off as long as possible but I need to finally install my brand new shinny tail light housings. What the best way to keep them from getting beat up by stuff flying off the read tires. Im leaning toward the CCOT ABS cover but Im not sure how strong they really are. How do other feel about these? And is there a better why to keep the rear tail light from getting bunged up?

I had a set from CCOT and the were fine. I ended up cracking one while I was try to free a rust bolt. I just recently got a set from Cruiser Corps. They seem like they will work well also. Cruiser Corps are on Mud so they will get my business. Jeff
Best way is to stay parked in the garage.

Seriously though. Those look good enough. What are you driving through to get them beat to hell.
I've thought about flaps but they just don't look cool.

I'm pretty sure my light are OE from 77 so they've seen some years. But I'd rather no replace them too soon. I my hate mud but it's unavoidable in Alaska.
I don't think you have anything to worry about.
I have a set from Cruiser Corps. I'm happy with it.

Metal covers are still available.


Mark A.

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