Proposed 406 Cruisers By-Laws Amendments for Vote November 17


Jul 9, 2007
Bozeman, MT
Hi Everyone,

As we discussed at the previous two meetings, we are proposing two amendments for the the club bylaws in order to accommodate our needs due to continued growth. We will be voting on these bylaws at the meeting this Saturday November 17, 2018 at noon at Map Brewing. In order for these to be approved we must have a 2/3 majority of membership to be approved. In order to vote you must be a full paid club member. If you are unclear about whether or not you are paid up and in good standing, contact Ben Reed ( @cuwallace2 ) our Membership Director. You can go to the 406 Cruisers website ( to pay your dues.

Here are the proposed amendments:

Business Sponsor Membership - This membership type entitles one business owner to all of the prescribed benefits as that of the Individual/Family Membership. In addition, this membership includes prescribed benefits for promoting the business and 406 Cruisers, promoting new products and the use of the 406 Cruisers logo as approved by the Board of Directors. This membership also allows regular employees of the Business Sponsor Member to attend 406 Cruisers events as a proxy for the purpose of representing the business at those events.

Dues for Business Sponsor Membership are $100 per annum and a reasonable donation of merchandise to the club for giveaways and raffles, etc.

Promotion of the Business Sponsor's business should occur prior to and/or after regular club business. Presentation of product offerings/promotions must have prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Intent of the club is for the fun of the trucks and sponsorship should not take precedence over club business.

Any violation of this policy is subject to board review of the sponsorship.

Parliamentary Authority - Should an issue arise that is not addressed by the 406 Cruisers by-laws, the TLCA by-laws will be utilized to govern said issue. Should the TLCA by-laws not address the issue, the rules contained in the modern Edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the association in all cases where they are consistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the club may adopt.

If you have any concerns or comments, please let us know.

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