Prom limo

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Dec 24, 2007
Charleston S.C.
Tonight was my 16 year old daughters prom, she begged me to let her take one of the cruisers to prom, I resisted at first but she knows i always give in
that dude is questionable
Color Co ordination same as ownership, she wants everyone to know her guy hands off. Beats me why however. :cheers:

Cruiser Limo "priceless":cheers:
Pink is the new black.
Pink is the new black.

Nothing wrong with wearing pink, if you're secure in masculinity! I was wearing a pink shirt as I pulled out of the Slickrock Campground and Moab last weekend.:grinpimp:
I agree but you don't need to look like you just came out of the Super Bad store
if one of my daughters was dating a guy and he wore pink I would think he was doing it to try and lower my guard...think he is non threatening....LOL

I have 2 daughters....being paid back for past indiscretions of my youth against the female race. All boys are evil I tell you... :D :D :D :D
I do all my shopping at Bluesteins and Super Bad Fashionz. It gives me a certain flava that drives the ladies wild...
Someone should hit them up for a sponsership we could all wear zoot suits to meeting or to wheel in
One of my customers named Mr. Curtis Brown was one of the founders of Bluesteins downtown, he was just in the shop Today for an oil chnge. Just found that out Today, he's always dressed like it's Saturday Night at the club. But is truly a nice guy.

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