Proline Beware

Jul 26, 2006
Mark - Knoxville, TN

I feel need to share my 8-9 month long nightmare with Proline Elite rear bumper,

Missing lights - paid never delivered

Missing front runner table - paid never delivered

Missing Hi-lift mount - offered for free due to issues. Never delivered

Missing compressor mount - offered for free due to issues. Never delivered.

8 month order cycle. Estimate was 4-6 weeks. Was supposed to pickup in Doral in mid-March. Did not ship until mid-Sept.

Powder coat is bad. Several bare spots.

1” Spindle. Website stated 1-3/4. Delay was due to wait for better spindle. They shipped cheaper model without discussing.

Cheap stamped steel spindle cap. Machined cap on old spindle is much nicer.

Tire swingout has fitment issues quite flimsy.

Receiver drop has fitment issues

Fitment to frame, body, doors is not top,tier. Hammer is required.

Spare tire swingout is horrible. You must lift tire to latch. Tons of highway vibrations. .

Install took 8 extra hours vs estimate due to fitment issues. Had to have fabricator install.

I strongly recommend that folks never consider this company. They are terrible.
Mar 20, 2014
Hopefully you can get relief from your credit card for the missing items. Should be easy enough to prove up. Maybe even the whole thing under their warranty protection if they won't take it back.
Apr 7, 2019
Ugh. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hopefully your CC company can help.

Thanks for the warning about your experience with Proline.
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