project update - it actually looks like a vehicle again!

Jun 12, 2004
after several months of almost zero progress, i finally have an update on my landcruiser build-up project. after the complete disassemly went so quickly, i foolishly thought this would be a quick project.

the entire write up of the progress so far can be found here, but i thought i would share a few pictures with the board. i know these are not the most exciting pictures in the world, but i am just happy to be making progress and the project is turning out very nicely in my opinion.

here is what it looks like after getting the front end on today. completed projects include:
  • frame sandblasted, primed, and painted
  • new 4" leaf springs
  • new shackles, bushings, u-bolts, and spring pins

also complete is my disc brake conversion. (this is a shot of the rear setup). i also converted the front using the same chevy rotors and calipers as the back. some stainless steel braided brake lines complete the job and should be a huge improvement over my old drum brakes (although dragging my feet on the ground ala fred flinstone would also have been an improvement).

the bad news is that while doing the front conversion, i realized that i desperately need a knuckle rebuild (see my other post here ). in the name of getting the chassis back in rolling form, i put that project on hold temporarily, but i will need to do it sooner or later.

up next is the transfer case rebuild so that i can get the drivetrain assembled so that i can workout the mounting location of the motor/transfer case mounts. after that comes the remaining engine build up, exhaust, radiator, steering, driveshafts, and wiring. oh yeah, and i should probably put the body back on at some point.

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