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Nov 9, 2010
San Tan Valley Arizona
I spent 6 months looking for a true "Arizona" FJ40 and after 6 months of looking I finally brought mine home last October. It has no motor, transmission or transfer case but everything else was there. The previous owner had planned on putting a chevy smallblock in it but had lost interest in the project so the only thing he had done to it was put in motor mounts. I diligently started working on it daily in order to reach my 1 year completion goal. After around 2 months or so I decided I had a lot of work still to do and sent it to a friends paint and body shop to help speed it up. I figured I could save time and don't really have the space needed to paint. After 3 months they still hadn't started it so I pulled the plug and brought it back home and spent the next 3 weeks doing my own bodywork and paint. I pulled the entire FJ apart and painted it piece by piece. I went with a nice ugly yellow primer and topcoated it with the 1973 Toyota Olive Green. With the yellow primer and lighter oloive green it actually gave the toyota a very unique color. I have recieved a lot of compliments. I matched the green with black wheels and black accent pieces to include grill, vents and various hardware pieces... I used Rhino liner on the floors, firewall and used as a undercoating. Turned out pretty nice... I have also wired it with a Painless wiring harness and installed a 10 color instrument cluster.. I am still awaiting my motor and transmission and will update once I have gotten to it......:cheers:

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