Project: Tightening FJZ80 After Off Road Driving

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Mar 29, 2005
We must have suffered listening to noise coming out of the FJZ80 after off road driving" Seats , Dashboard coolant console, body ect" . Is there a checklist for regular tightening jobs to restore vehicle normal quite conditions.:bounce2: :bounce:
I don't know about the interior bits, but make sure you re-torque your wheel lug nuts. Trust me...
A friend told me there are rubber washers that dump the sound frictions between the body and chassis.
From my regular basis wheeling experience, following is my ever growing list. I spnd at least 3/4 hours going through this list, it's still not enough time.

1. Calipers and bolts.
2. Sway bars and their brackets, bolts and nuts.
3. Rear stock lower control arms, possible bending.
4. breather hoses, stock and modified.
6. Wheel lugs and nuts.
7. Tie rods, nuts and cotter pins.
8. Drive shafts and their bolts.
9. Tcase, output flanges and seals.
10. Tcase and tranny mounting bolts/nuts.
11. Wheel bearings.
12. 3rd members' bolts.
13. Sliders nuts, bolts and U-Joints.
14. Engine mounts and nuts.
15. ARB hose(s), Compressor, and air manifold for loose nuts and bolts (if available).
16. E-Locker cables (if available).
17. Manual locking wheel hubs (if available).
18. Axle housings.
19. Knuckle nuts, studs and seals.
20. Brake lines.
21. All hoses (mostly radiator related).

1. Dash screws.
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Nice list - now if I only knew where all that was, outside under the truck.:confused: 1/2 :banana: intern.
Riad--Good list thanks for sharing.:cheers:
Thanks a lot, Riad There is always some one whoes reponse is constructive.
dclee said:
I don't know about the interior bits, but make sure you re-torque your wheel lug nuts. Trust me...

Derek-He said AFTER off-road driving. Your issue was BEFORE off-road driving.:D

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