For Sale Project or Parts 1981 FJ60 TN, USA

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United States
Hello All,
I've got an 81 FJ60 with AC that is a project or parts vehicle. Engine starts and runs will move under its own power. It needs radiator, gas line, and a complete brake job to begin to start driving. There is a decent amount of rust at the bottom of the doors and the tailgate. The vehicle has 138,000 on the odometer. Interior is in decent shape. If you need additional pictures let me know. Vehicle is in
Has brand new tires on it.
Price : $2,500
Murfreesboro, TN .



Man I wish you were closer. Curious about the shifter. I have an 81 (completely stock) and the shifter barely touches the dash when in 1st and 3rd. Yours looks like it sits at the same angle so I’m wondering if yours comes close or even touches. Did not mean to go off course but I’ve always wondered why it does this.

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