PRODUCT REVIEW: Polycarbonate Windshield

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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT

Replace that busted glass!
Have you noticed any scratching from the windsheild wipers?

I know a lot of dirt track racers won't run this type of windsheild due to the scratching.
I ordered the "hard coating/supercoating" surface, which is resistance to the windshield wiper-type scratches....haven't tested it yet tho.
If it's like the polycarbonate/coated eyeglasses I have, you had better be careful. That stuff definitely scratches. Lots of water and very little scrubbing is the key.
I picked up a chunk 4x5 if memory serves me correctly....I didn't get the super scratch resistant stuff. (not in stock and I was impatient) On the bright side I made 3 windshields for @ $75. I used a router with 1/4" straight bit....cut it like a hot knife thru butta. Used some scrap 2x4's to keep the line straight and for the router to ride against, clamped them down, and zipped right through it. Hand floated the radius on the corners...after the first one I didn't try to keep that radius line real close. Left some room/material there and finished bringing it to the line with the grinder w/ 36 grit.

Now for the shameless plug part USE TUFFAK POLYCARBONATE SHEET...made by ATOFINA/(ATOGLAS). We have a bad year.
Will it work for a 55?
Yep it would...however it is probably not a DIY. The 40 is bends or curves. The 55 is would need (or it would be best) to take it to someone who does polycarbonate windshields for racing cars. Heating and forming is a little bit tricky. One other consideration is your local inspection laws....some places may not allow polycarbonate...must be laminated glass.
The "SUPERCOAT" offers the highest level of abrasion and chemical resistance for coated polycarbonate available today. The hard coat brings the level of abrasion resistance to within .3% of factory glass, and offers nearly 10 times the protection of other coated polycarbonate windshields.

SUPERCOAT™repels water better than any temporary window spray treatment, and will withstand the use of wipers when necessary.

I supply the coater with blanks of optically pure polycarbonate sheetstock and upon reciept of the coated blanks, machine to your specifications or to a factory original to use your trim pieces and OEM seals.

PM for details and pricing.

The compound curves of the 60 and 62 windshield make it difficult to do so.

If your serious, I can dig out the info on a guy outside of Chicago that could do it for you. let me know if you want me to.
The guys name is Bob Mayerle and here is a link to him.

Years ago I sent him the woeful remains of my 65 Griffith plexi window to use as a pattern. He promptly shipped me a new polycarbonate one. If you need to have it many directions ...Bob's the man. Now if I can just get him to use Tuffak poly......

Here is the window he made:
try it again
[quote author=Vortec_Cruiser link=board=1;threadid=7982;start=msg75601#msg75601 date=1071429161]

Why did you have to cut down the new windshield? I thought it was purchased as pre-cut. ::)

if you read the full review (which you must not have....), I made specific note that I ordered it oversized to install with just RTV...and then changed my mind and opted to trim it down to use the stock windshield gasket.

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