Problems starting cruiser when cold

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Sep 15, 2005
Anchorage, AK
When the temperature is below 20 my cruiser will start, run for a few seconds, and then stop. I pull it into the garage and let it warm up, starts up no problem. My cold start is to choke, pump the gas 3 times, and then turn the key. Could there be something frezzing in the carb, anywhere?
try adding fuel additive to clean the carbon buil up in the fuel lones and injectors. Mine worked:D
ooo just be careful how much fuel additive you put in there, you could have big black clouds following you for a few days.
If he had injectors for additive to clean, then he wouldn't have a carb. or a choke.

There is nothing in the carb freezing.

Are you eaving the choke on or pushing it off?

What year/model cruiser are we talking about here?

Standard method (yesterday 10 degrees F) is to pull the choke all the way, turn the starter switch until it catches, and as soon as it is running push the choke back in about 1/2. I feather it to achieve best running.

I don't pump the accelerator at all, but it doesn't hurt to do it.

In my '45 with the one barrel, I have to pull the hand throttle out a bit as well. Later carbs have linkage so the choke pull also gives more throttle.
It's a '74 but with a 2 barrel. I leave the choke on until the rpms go up and then I push it in half way for about 2 minutes.
what I've found works best for me is this...
1. Put the gas pedal to the floor
2. Pull the choke all the way out
3. Immediately release gas pedal (you only want it down as long as it takes you to pull out the choke, for me I do this in about a second and a half or so)
4. Crank the engine
5. Push in the choke about 1/4 of the way

After this she usually runs great... I let her sit on high idle for about 4 minutes and then go to about a 1/2 choke for another 5 or 6 minutes and then I'm ready to roll...
I definitely leave the choke out for more than 2 minutes. It does take longer than that to warm everything up. In fact, I probably drive the first 5-10 minutes with it out a ways.

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