Problem Starting! NEED to get outta work on this DAMNED monday!

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Aug 23, 2005
East Vancouver, BC
well i'm stuck here at work, my 40 isn't started. i think the starter's dead cause nothing's engaging or turning over. the battery's fine cause i get my buzzer when i turn the key and my stereo comes on. but i turn the key and absolutely nothing happens! i checked the connection to the battery, coil, starter, everything's there. is there something i'm missing?
Black wire with a white stripe going to the solenoid perhaps?

If that is broke or fell off, you will get nothing when trying to start the truck...
Try slowly turning the key over and wiggle it back in forth. See if it catches and trys to turn over.

Also I have had batterys power my accessories, yet not have enough juice to crank the engine. (dead cell in battery)
good ideas, i'm gonna try tapping the starter too, not sure if it's just the brushes or the solenoid. all the wires are intact and tight.
aaah nothing more rewarding than banging on something and having it work! just got home, i thought monday was never going to end. looks like i'm gonna have to tear the starter apart and clean it... or maybe this is a good excuse to get a new one?
Hi All:

Sorry to hear about the problem "Metal." Pain in the ass for sure, not having the rig start when you need it.

I have an old 2F starter down in Seattle that you can have; it worked fine when removed but the housing is cracked.

If buying a "reman" starter get one intended for a FJ60; they are a gear reduction unit that is desirable.

Good luck!


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