Problem bleeding rear caliper

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Jul 30, 2009
I wasn’t happy with the pedal feel and did a bleed of the fluid. Sure enough there was air coming from the front calipers.
While I could do the rear passenger side without issue, the rear driver side had no fluid at the bleed nipple.
However, clearly it is braking as the disc is hot after running.
Do i need techstream to open some valves ?
Is there anything I did wrong

After the bleed the braking is good with firm pedal. Master cylinder was changed 18 months ago.
Likely caliper bleeder is plugged. This happens from not having a bleeder rubber cap on it. Pull the plug and recondition or replace with OEM in OEM caliper. Do not use aftermarket bleeder plug in OEM caliper, they almost also leak.

Make sure all bleeder have rubber caps at all times.

Make sure you read what is embossed on brake master fluid reservoir, on how to top fluid. Once done topping, turn IG key ON for first time, and time how long booster motor runs. Spec is 30 to 40 seconds. Long and look for leaks and/or re-bleed.
I have taken out the bleeder and still no luck. It seems it is blocked somewhere in the caliper.
I have done the test: 30 sec to pressurise so the bleed worked.
As the brake works, I think I will leave it at that.
If you leave it as is, how will you bleed that line when you do your brake fluid?

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