Probably a silly question.... How many compression cycles until your rig starts?

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Jul 17, 2018
Mine has been regular as sun rise, 4 compressions, then roar to life.
And it still does this on a cold start.

Lately on hot starts it goes just to the point where I feel like I should let off the key to try it again, say 6-8 cycles, and then it fires a couple of cylinders, kind of a hop skip and a jump and then roars to life.

It's never failed to start, but something is different. And "different" makes me uneasy.

Mileage is unchanged. 14-15 Hywy and 12-13 city.
Makes me wonder if the fuel pump is getting weak, there is an incessant mosquito like whine from "back there".
Cap/Rotor , plugs and wires have ~10K on them.
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You could go through the trouble of checking your fuel pressure. Borrow the tool from autozone or the like. FSM has the test procedure to that.
I'd say mine takes 3.
about three i think

edit: If my battery is low, then I might take a little more.
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3 cold and 2 to 1 cranks when it's warmed up
Depends if my fusible link is blown. :doh:
usually 2 :)
Mine's always four: yrryrrr....yrryrrr...yrryrrr...yrryrrr...VROOM!

I have also wondered this about other's trucks. I still have the original fuel pump and I have not changed the fuel filter, however, when I had the tank down to replace it, it was very clean and the sock inside the tank was also very clean.

Every so often, I will get a fart and a pop when I let off the key a millisecond too early, then it takes about 15 cycles to finally start. But that is rare.

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