Probably a dumb ? ,what are the 2 wires for coming off of the brake fluid reservoir

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May 1, 2012
Portland Oregon
I am onto my next project now , which is to replace my POS fj60 brake booster with a 95 4runner booster that I got for 50 bones. Apparently , it's direct bolt on with no mods required...... anyway , I've seen lots of pics of fj60 engine bays lately and a lot of them don't have the two wires coming off of the brake fluid res. cap or maybe its the clutch res. cap... sometimes I don"t know my azz from my elbow (the res. on top of the master cylinder)
What are they for ??
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This ???? So if my fluid is low the E- brake light comes on ??
Yes. It is a multi purpose light.
It's actually a brake fluid warmer, a heating element is floating inside the reservoir to keep the fluid warm at all times.cold brake fluid will not flow fast enough in a panic stop thus the need for a warmer or heater the fluid temp stays at a constant 90 deg. it also monitors the moisture in the fluid to warn you it's time to flush it when it's necessary,in the event that excessive moisture is detected your car will come to a halt and your brake light will start flashing to warn you. :hillbilly:

I hope you didn't believe any of this bulls***,it's a fluid level indicator for real.:lol:
Well thats a very creative answer viper .....except for "panic stops" those are only done by women !!
I hope you didn't believe any of this bulls***,it's a fluid level indicator for real.:lol:[/QUOTE]

LMFAO, You had me there for a sec

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