Pro Tools HMP 200 Dies; 2 for sale

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Feb 22, 2007
Germantown MD
United States
Getting ready to order a pro tools HMP 200 with 3 dies in the next week. I only need 1 die for now so I will be selling the other 2 that I get.

I can choose any of the 120 deg dies for the HMP 200.

Let me know what die you want and I will order it and sell it for $40 off the price on the Pro Tools website plus shipping.

I can ship it any way you want and will charge actual shipping. I am not sure if they will fit in a flat rate box but if they do I can ship that way.

-Must pay via paypal with verified address
-Must pay upfront so I am not stuck with a die I don't need, pay shipping separate as soon as I know how much it will be
-I will order as soon as I get 2 dies sold, or by 6/1/2010
taking offers, will also trade for 80 series parts, fabrication tools
Looking for FZJ80 steering box too, doesn't matter if it is leaking.

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