pro comp 33's seattle

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Feb 10, 2006
United States
im selling my pro comp all terrains that have 95% tread left, there is 2500 miles on them and they have a no questions asked 50,000 mile warrenty at 4 wheel parts, do the math and you have 95% tread. They have only seen reeter twice. They have been sweet tires for the street, I am selling them due to comming close to the end of my project and am going to run 35's

im asking 450 for these practically brand new tires

retail without tax at 143.99 a piece, $144 times 4 = $576 times 95% = $547

Im asking 450,

thanks a ton, Richard
they are 33/12.5/15 so a 15 inch rim, I currently have 15x8 on them right now
are these still for sale???

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