Private Section Access: New Members

Devilmans Hand

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Aug 4, 2008
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The private section, link located in top third of page, is where we as a club keep more detailed threads about current club happenings, tasks, events, as well as more sensitive information.

In order to gain access to the private section new members MUST navigate to their "User CP" link located in top left third of the window. Navigate to "group memberships" by clicking the link in the left column of the page. There you will see a list of active groups on Mud. Find "CLCC" highlight the bullet point on the right and scroll down the bottom of the page and click "join group"

Once you have done this please PM(Private Message) myself, DEVILMANS HAND, or STUMPALAMA containing your real name, join date, and when/how you paid dues. We also request that new members introduce themselves at a meeting or event. Once we confirm you are who you say you are we will then approve your request to join the private section. Please be patient with this process as all required information has to filter through three to four people.

If you have any questions PM me or respond to this thread.

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Jul 26, 2016
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The website must have changed/been updated since the above post, because there's nothing resembling "User CP" anywhere I can see.
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