Prinsu roof racks and wind noise?

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Oct 29, 2020
How much of an increase in wind noise does adding a light bar to a prinsu roof rack? If you happen to own this set up, what is the brand /model of your light bar?
Unsolicited feedback from a Prinsu owner with a lightbar: mounting lights on a roof rack is a mistake in my opinion and I wouldn’t do it again. In almost any condition when I’m tempted to turn it on (dust, snow, rain, fog) the glare is really frustrating.

I’m planning to add some driving lights to a replacement bumper in a few weeks and I suspect my roof mounted bar will get almost exactly zero use once those are on…

That said, I have a 40 inch black oak single row lightbar. It’s bright, has minimal wind noise and seems well made considering the relative discount to Rigid, Baja Designs, etc

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