Prinsu Roof Rack Group Buy

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Honey, you crazy. That roof rack has always looked that way.

Or are you going to leave it in the garage for a couple months and pull the, that old thing? I've had that for a while....
I got one too:), and no time to install it for at least a week:bang:
Glad to see he is shipping out the racks, don't use too many excuses because the roof top tent group buy is coming September 1st!
I got my tracking number also!! I had ordered something else recently and thought it was the tracking number for that, but it is for the rack! I need to work on getting my factory roof rack off...
Yep got mine too!
I'm away from home, but UPS email says I got a delivery. Could be a rack. Where did they ship from?
Mountain Home, ID?
If so, then I have a rack waiting for me too.
Actually I think they come from Utah
No tracking yet... but then again the 80 is in another state right now so not too concerned
For those with tracking numbers, did you get the bare aluminum or anodized?
Bare aluminum on the cross bars. The main side rails should be black.

Looks like mine didn't actually ship until the 26th. UPS says Monday.
If one of you group-buyers decides not to keep your Prinsu rack, let's talk.
Picked up mine at the UPS sort facility this morning!:bounce:
I had to fold down the back seat and passenger seat to fit it in.

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