Primer or beige originally?

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Nov 22, 2008
Northern VA
So I pulled the top off today and discovered this. Were these primered, tops put on then painted?
Primer is a very common find under there. Doors off is way cool but it is a pain in the ass getting them aligned when putting them back in. Truck looks good dude
Definitely doors off windshield down. If you haven't driven with the windshield down yet you are in for a treat. Just don't go over 45...
Any trick to getting the hinge pins out? Also, when I lowered the windshield the wiring for the wiper motor stretched too tight for my comfort. Anything I can do about that?
Try some Kroil on the hinge pins. Let it seep in for a while and then beat the pins out with a punch.

Try working some slack into the wiper harness under the dash. As I recall, mine is kind of tight also.
For the door pins, a brass drift and a punch are key. Expect to bust some plastic bushings snice they are old and sun worn. I bought some brass replacements many moons ago off ebay.
Alright....I've come to the conclusion my hinge pins are welded in. Not really but I've been banging on them for 30 minutes and I can't get any of them to even budge.

Maybe I like the door on look?! o_O
You are banging on the small end, right?.:D

Seriously, you may have to tap a screwdriver in the slot of the top and bottom pin retainers to break the bond. The pins can get pretty swollen with rust.
Have you loaded them with rust penetrant?
Yeah I'm using the Liquid Wrench penetrant I have on hand. Where might I find Kroil?
You can get Kroil online, at gun stores, or some hardware stores. I have seen it at Clark Brothers' in Opal. You can also take a drive to the country and I'll hose them down for you.

An alternative is Freeze Out which Ryan says is better than Kroil but you'll have to contact Ryan for the source.

Get some stainless pins for future use.
I've taken a lot of 40's apart and never saw primer under the hardtop sides of a truck I though had original paint. Yours might be the exception!

Yeah the door pins can be tight and hard to remove if they've been in place for a long time. Get rid of that small punch you have and get a bigger one. I use these punches to remove door pins, they're long enough so you can hold them at a slight angle to keep the head of the hammer a little further away from the side of the door when hitting. These are Starrett but I'm pretty sure Harbor Freight sells knockoffs. And this is Krolloil the best penetrant I've ever used. Get those doors off the truck is much cooler without them!

Punch set.jpg
Now your style-in!
Looking good for the summer!
Ahhh, the fresh air feeling.

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