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Nov 7, 2017
Richmond, VA
Hi all,

New member trying to get my head around pricing for a 2000 LX with 220k miles. Overall good condition though with some scrapes and scratches. Clean Carfax with plenty of maintenance hits listed (though no actual maintenance paperwork) at the local dealer it’s whole life and a fairly recent timing belt change.

Played with the AHC and it works as expected which is a plus.

KBB says $9k even with the 220k miles....but I’m wondering at what point the value falls off a cliff to most buyers? I’m confident the truck will last but is there a mileage at which people cease to be interested in the 100s?

I’d like to build a mild lifted, 35s, with metal bumper daily driver for myself but don’t want to overpay for this stock LX.

Any input on fair value on the East Coast for a 2000 with 220k miles?

Seems something in the $5k range would be a steal for this one?

If it’s clean and rust free and everything work, then yes that’s a good deal.

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