Price for dealership evac & recharge?

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Best thing to do is call and ask at your local dealer, they can tell you over the phone.

It's between $110 and $150 including the new refrigerant in Denver, IIRC.

Just had this done the other week.
A local mechanic shop that does AC work could also do it. AC systems are generic and there doesn't need to be any specific Landcruiser knowledge to do good AC work.
Yeah, I called, but it wasn't a price I was happy with $190+.

As per your sig maybe_a_80, what gearing do you have for your 255s, 4.56s?

$190+? That's just ridiculous.

I haven't gotten the 255s yet as the current tires that came with the truck still have some miles to go. I will do the tire swap this fall in anticipation of winter driving conditions. And yes, you guessed it, I'll just go to 4.56s. I just want a little more giddy-up on long hills here in the Colorado high country.

At that time I'll also be adding Marlin wheel spacers, haven't decided yet between 1.25" or 1.5".

I also haven't decided about whether to sipe or stud the 255s.
decent set of gauges will be about $70
vacuum pump start at about $20 or $30

refrigerant at $10 a can. Maybe 2 or 3.
new dryer if needed if wet?

seems like you could get all the tools needed for way less than the $150-200 quoted.
...buying my own is what I'm thinking too. Anyone recommend a good book on evac procedures? I know how to fill and measure but from where does one vacuum, is it a hand pump?
Most of your friendly local neighborhood body shops will have the equipment as well, Should be 1.7 hours to evac, recharge and recovery, at your local rate of ??
I've got a link on my web site to A/C 101, might be a good read for you, upper right on the page.

Landcruiser FJ40 Vintage Air

Some of this info is basic drawing and A/C 101, some of it is just for the Vintage Air system. But it's still great info.

Hade my 97 LX450 done for $50 in Canuckistan bucks...a bargain at twice the price.
I just had mine charged last month, after I replaced a line going to my a/c evaporator that broke.

I was out of there for $80. A month later its still keeping my nipples rock hard!
FYI, our shops (we only do A/C) charge $49.95 + refrigerant, to check out the system. That gets you an evacuation and re-charge, as that's the only way to know how much refrigerant is in the system. You can work off gauge readings, but this is more accurate. We also leak check it with electronic detectors and use UV lights if the system has dye in it.
Hope this helps,
Can you recommend a good AC shop in Phoenix?

Also, can you guys do custom work like running lines to a custom overhead in-cab evap? (In my 45, not my 80)
Hi Scott,
In Phoenix, try these guys-I think they can also do custom work like you're asking about.

Talk to Rudy @ Air Components 480-507-2229 they're in Mesa.

If that doesn't work out, let me know,
I second and third the suggestions about taking it to a dedicated AC shop. I had my 62's system recharged about 4 years ago at such a place. It cost me around $90 bucks altogether, and it still blows ice cubes.

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