Price for a 1984 FJ60

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Apr 13, 2008
Lincoln, IL
I am a LC fanatic, but I am having a hard time pricing what is a good deal or not. NADA does help some but I want some Professional opinions.

This is a 1984 FJ60 basically stock except for after market wheels. Origional paint in excelent condition. No rust or rot on underbody, and maybe a dime size spot on the driver rear quarter panel. 2F engine and manual tranny with only 116k on them. Interior is in great condition too. Slight wear on the carpet in shotgun, but nothing serious.



What do you think this should go for?

I want to try to get it for $5500. Am I too low, or too high?
Welcome:flipoff2:Hate to write this, but, what it's worth is in the eyes of the beholder. That said, I sold my almost mint 230,000 mile (fresh rebuilt engine after a serious overheat) 1984 FJ60 for $5000 in 2000. So? Looks like you've found a good one, though. Check it out thoroughly, and if it's OK, it's probably an OK deal. Wheel and deal on the price first. :cheers:Ned
I would not go higher. I know you want it and it sounds like a good one from what you described, but there may be reasons it is for sale that are not disclosed, something that may have motivated the seller to sell. Even if there are not KNOWN problems, it is likely that something or several somethings will need attention in spite of the vehicle being "low miles" for a FJ60. Mundane stuff like muffler, brakes, knuckle seals, radiator, hoses, transfer case seal, leaking manifolds, clutch master or slave, on and on. Here's the wager, I bet that if you buy it for the $5K neighborhood, you will spend at least another $5K on it before you start to become happy and really comfortable with it. So, recognize that you will be buying a $10K vehicle. I am not saying that a $5K+ asking price might not be "fair", I am just describing the economics of the cruiser addiction and how this deal works.

Here's the way I look at it: A $5K 110000 mile cruiser that is in good condition, plus another $5K in maintenance and improvements will yield you a vehicle that should serve you for 5 years for certain if you are driving another 20000K per year. That is a cost of $2000 per year which is reasonable no matter what you are driving...but you would be driving a CRUISER!!! At the end of another 100000K miles, you probably can get most of your purchase price back if that is what you decide to do.
As stated above, what constitutes a good price is one that you can live with without any regrets. Do your homework and look at craigslist for comparable vehicles within a two state area. Don't get carried away with the first vehicle you see, but if it's what you want, then go for it.

I've recently seen some rust free 60s in good shape going for anywhere from $4.5K to $8K depending on mileage and condition. You'll always hear about the guy who found the low mileage rust free 60 for $1500, but that doesn't happen to most of us.

Start with a low bid, you might just get lucky. Never be afraid to negotiate. Good luck!
I'd shoot for a bit lower. It does look to be in good shape, but it will have lots of defered issues you will need to deal with, and the first one is the "dime sized rot". I don't like those wheels and would see if the seller has the originals.

I got mine for $3000 and absolutely no rust, but that was 2002, so things may have changed. You might point out how much fuel it will use, and that the front axle needs to be rebuilt (they all do) and the seller may come down on the price.

Good luck. 60s rule.
i'd recommend all the same stuff buddy. sounds like you got your self a real fish on the line...keep you eyes up and look for all the stuff that's gotta be fixed. its gonna cost you money no matter what...just keep that in mind. good luck and let us know what you decide.

ps...did you see that he posted it on the forum?
don't be afraid to bid low. you can always come up if it's not negotiable but you can't back your offer down once you've made it. i found my 84 fj60 w/ about 115K miles and the PO wanted $3500. i was willing to come close to that number and went with the cash in my pocket but i drove her away for $1700. of course i quickly spent the other $1800 for a thorough tune up, new clutch and pressure plate and new starter.

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