For Sale *Price Drop* Lexus GX470 Window Weatherstrip Belt Moulding - Chrome - New but damaged - $65 shipped (1 Viewer)

Apr 8, 2019
Selling this chrome window weatherstrip. This was an interesting saga for me. I needed new weatherstrips, and wanted chrome window weatherstrips, and bought these on eBay from a place in United Arab Emirates. Might seem a little risky, but I'm adventurous - most of us are here.
The mouldings arrived, but were bent during the shipping. Claims were filed, took lots of time. Eventually, I got new chrome mouldings, but still have these. I hate throwing useful stuff away -- so for somebody who might not mind some dents, or is really good at getting dents out, these might work well for you..
I tried getting the dents out of two of them with actually pretty good results. You can see it all in the pictures.

I really need to stress this again, though -- these are damaged.

PayPal only -- $80 $65 shipped. That's $100 less than what they would normally cost if you can live with, or fix, some dents.



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