For Sale !!PRICE DROP!! 1991 FZJ75 Pickup - LHD - AC - Power Everything


D.D. a FZJ75? Don't mind if I do.
Jul 1, 2010
25 miles east of Utah
FZJ75 UTE LHD in Western Colorado

This is a GCC market (there’s Arabic in the review mirrors) FZJ75 LX, 325,000kms.


Body shows some character from a life of camel hauling and stateside expeditions but the drivetrain purrs and the interior is clean with power everything and AC.

This was my daily driver/weekend escape pod for the last 2 years. Lots of spare parts included with the sale and lots of professionally completed repairs. Truck runs great. Cruises at 75-80 mph. Burns about 1L of oil every 4-5 tanks.

This may be a bold statement but as far as I know, and I’ve talked to many of the top players in the US 70 series market, this is the ONLY 75 pickup in the states in this configuration. I also know that middle east trucks are rare because exporting them from these markets is no small feat. The GCC market trucks are typically more well equipped and in better condition than other markets.

  • 1FZ-F carbureted 4.5 gas engine. New carb installed in 2016, old carb included along with a new rebuild kit.
  • H151F 5 speed transmission.
  • HF1A part time transfer case (rebuilt 5/2018).
  • Dual 90L fuel tanks (sending units/pickups replaced, spares included.
  • Power windows, mirrors, doors, AC. All work.
  • Sliding rear window.
  • Full OME suspension with anti-inversion shackles.
  • 255/85/16 Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX tires on 16” factory split rims. 75% life left.
  • ARB front bumper with 12.5k superwinch, 80 feet of amsteel blue, and a factor 55 shackle mount.
  • ARB air lockers F/R and air compressor with female air hose coupler.
  • JW Speaker LED headlights
  • Reupholstered seats, hole in driver side bottom.
  • Rare AF (stateside).
  • Hard to find, highly sought after H151F/HF1A drivetrain with freshly rebuilt transfer case.
  • Drive the most durable truck on the road anywhere you want to go. (Carb- fuel induction and fuel delivery system can be repaired trailside. Split rims- tires can be repaired/replaced trailside. Narrow vehicle width can go damn near anywhere. Bulletproof chassis will support any build you desire.)
  • Long list of spare parts included (lots NIB, all OEM. See list at bottom of ad)
  • The truck has a proven reliability stateside that I can personally vouch for. I'm not some importer slinging random trucks from Central America.
  • Clean chassis and drivertrain
  • Clean but well used interior
  • Engine parts available at local parts suppliers
  • Body rust on driver door and firewall. Small surface spots elsewhere. They all have it, take it or leave it. The rust has not gotten worse in the two years I've owned the truck. Just keep the road crud rinsed off and G2G.
  • Dents and scrapes in body. Shows character
My Completed Maint.
  • Oil change with 41010 filter, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, spark tube seals - 5/19
  • Oil change - 11/19
  • Transfer Case Assembly Overhaul and oil change - 5/18
  • New soft brake lines, repaired driver side window regulator, new front brake calipers Compression Check- #1=150, #2=155, #3=150, #4=145, #5=132, #6=150. 12/17
  • Oil change, 12/17
  • Rear axle overhaul, distributor o-ring, sway bar links - 11/17
  • Prior to my purchase the PO: replaced window regulator motors, replaced carb with new unit, replaced radiator and hoses with new unit, replaced fuel tank sending units, replaced power mirror switch, replaced speedo cable, replaced hood release cable, replaced floor mat, and likely a plethora of other items.
Spare parts
  • Windshield glass and gasket, NIB
  • Complete clutch assembly with bearing new
  • Stock leaf spring perches and u bolts used and 1 uninstalled u-bolt flip kit.
  • 2 made in Japan shocks 565059 GL09 K like new
  • Chrome power mirrors and gaskets, bad glass on one, one like new
  • Exhaust hangars?
  • Fender well flap used
  • Window motors used 85720-60030/062100-3833, 85710-60030/062100-3822
  • Fuel/Water temp gauge assy new 83243-60180
  • Climate control face panel. Used 955912
  • Distributor assy new 19100-66010
  • Bush? 90386-08044
  • Tailgate bumper new 66321-37010
  • Carburetor, used, complete
  • Carb kit, new, 04211-66010
  • Rotor kit x2, new, 19104-66010
  • Door lock assy, used 69320-60091
  • Hood cable assy. Used, broken?, 53630-60030
  • Door lock actuators, used, 69120-60011 69110-60021
  • Rear bumper with license plate mount and lights. stock, beat to s***
  • Rear wheel fenders, one good, one fair
  • Radiator hoses, used
  • Tailpipe assy, new
  • Speedometer gauge assy, used, broken
  • Tie rod end, refurb, beck/rnley 101-4408
  • Fuel sending unit, like new, 83320-69255
  • Fuel sending unit, used, 83320-69145
  • Power mirror switch, used, 84870-60020
  • Seat back adjust lever, both sides, new, 72054-90K00-E0, 72053-90K01-E0
  • Speed cable, one new, one used, 83710-60410
  • Weather stripping x2, used, 68141-90K04
Tool box has since been removed. Will happily included with truck if buyer wants it.

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May 15, 2019
What a beautiful truck. It's awesome to see so many of these in great shape. Nice write up as well.

Gun Runner 5

Oct 22, 2009
Thomasville, GA
Granted I'm old and my hearing ain't what it used to be but the title says 1991 but it sounds like you are saying 1997 at the beginning of the video.


Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
I just bought a similar one and could use some of your spare parts. Let me know if you would be willing to sell separately.
Feb 17, 2017
Edit: Just found the 'mileage' at the top of the post. This truck is sick. PMed.
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