Price check - 2 jump seats

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Jun 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Curious as to what I should pay for a pair of 40 jump seats. Upholstery is pretty much shot, but paint seems OK. These are the single seats, and they do not have the straps, seatbelts, or the drop down bar for support. Seller asked me to pay what is fair, but I have no idea.Thoughts either here or via PM appreciated. Thx.
If the hinges are solid I'd say $50 - 75.
If you go here
FJ40 & FJ45 Parts Landcruiser Parts
and scroll down until you see a green banner that says "Interior Parts," you'll get an idea of how much jump seats cost from a Land Cruiser parts dealer. I would expect the seats to be less expensive if you bought them as part of a private sale.

You can also search the classified section here on ih8mud.
If the hinges are solid I'd say $50 - 75.

Yea, not more than $100/pair. When the hinges stop being smooth, the metal around the back of the tube where they attach will crack. Look for that and make sure you address it before you get them painted and upholstered. Make sure the hinges are smooth before you call them done.
Wow. If one of these guys that think a pair is worth less than $100 will sell you a decent set for that, I would offer to buy a pair from them!
I paid $200 for a pair in fair condition. Too much, maybe, but I thought it was fair. Check them out online. You can also look to see how much the kits are to reupholster since it sounds like it may need that, straps, and seat belts aswell. Check out the link in previous post and other sites that come up under TLC parts google search. What they are worth to you, is a fair price.

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