pressure gauge on 3b over 100lbs help !

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alberta mac

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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
We have a mechanical pressure gauge in my wifes bj60, it has 380,000km on it.
On start up it reads 80lbs without revving. Then light revving brings it up to 100lbs
The mechanical gauge goes up to 100lbs and when driving it can easily go way past the 100lbs, say 120lbs.
I have a mechanical gauge in my other cruiser and it reads 40lbs on start and doesn't go over 60 if I recall right.

I'm wondering what is going on and what needs to be done ???
You are describing a problem seen fairly often with the 2H engine- I'm not sure I've seen it described on MUD in 3B's, but maybe I just haven't been watching closely enough...
Search for 2H pressure relief valve will bring lots of hits, and maybe you can transfer what you learn to the 3B.
It maybe the gauge is way out on your wife's car. Does her 60 still have the factory gauge?

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