Presidents' Day Wheeling?

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Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
I want to go wheeling on Feb 18th or 19th, and I'm looking for ideas. A day trip somewhere interesting that's not too far away. I've been to GWNF a few times now, so I'd like to try something a little different. Who's with me?!?!?

Options that I know of are -

1. Devil's Ditch - pretty close, but I don't know how to get there. Is this place worth a trip out or are we better off at GWNF?

2. Crozet - don't know much about it. Are they open for wheeling?

3. ??Charlottesville?? - I saw a post by Kris in Richmond (Butch's daughter) saying something about wheeling in that area. Anyone got any more info?

4. Rausch Creek - I'd even be up for a preview trip to Rausch Creek if we can't figure out something in VA.

So, let's hear it. Who wants to go? Who can't drive but wants to tag along? Who can't go but has some ideas for us? I figure once we know where we're going, I'll put a thread over in the main trail rides section. This won't be a CLCC wheeling trip; this is just Felix realizing his wife will be out of town. :cool:

:cheers: ,
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Lance, that sounds great! I know Ross is interested, too.

You got any wheeling suggestions?


ps - Ross's trac-bar looks beefy as hell!
It is. The wall thickness on that DOM tubing is 1/4"!!! Those heim joints are the strongest rating for their size too. Did Ross tell you how I worked him like a dog while he was here? LOL, Good times!

I'd rather not make suggestions yet, since I don't know for sure if I can make it. Also, my buggy is tagged and insured, but not inspected and really I doubt if it would qualify as street legal. (nothing but a front clip, roll cage and four bucket seats over 38.5" tires) So I might not be able to make the trip if the venue is not off-road friendly.

I need to drive the 60 around a little more to make sure the reliability is there since the rebuild. I may be interested in going shotgun if I still have quirks to work out.
Got an email from Bob (76FJ40) saying that Devil's Ditch/Conway is definitely worth the trip with better wheeling than GWNF. As long as someone comes along that's been there before and knows the way, I'm game.

Any objections?

Edit: oh, and Andrew, you're welcome to ride with me if you can't get the 60 trail ready.
Never heard it called "Devil's ditch" before, but Conway River trail is aka "Madison". AFAIK it's legal, never had a problem down there and know a lot of jeepers who go there. It does border National (park?) so it can get sticky if you stray from the main roadway. Rocks can be big, much more fun (and closer?) than GWNF.

If I can make it I know the trail. I probably also know some local cruiserheads not on the list who might make it.


Devil's Ditch is the trail that goes off to the west from the Conway River trail maybe a mile south from the north end of Conway. It's the trail that ends at the waterfall.
Just speaking for myself, I plan on making it a day trip unless you all can convince me otherwise.
I won't know my work schedule until the last minute; but I would go if I'm not working.
I'll be out of town on bidniz, but I expect a full report! If it's good at Madison, maybe we can do an overnoghter there as the season progresses.

Alright, I think we can move forward with the Devil's Ditch/Conway plan. It'll be something new for most of us, and it's a little more local than Rausch Creek.

John, it sucks that you can't make it, but don't worry - I'm sure you'll see all the pics.

Tom, I hope the work schedule works out. It would be great to have you along.

It looks like so far we have two definites, Me and Ross. And hopefully Bob, Lance, Brandon, Tommy, Andrew, etc. I'm going to post a thread over in the general Trail Rides section to see if any of the other VA locals are interested.

Edit: Actually, before I do that. . . anyone have a preference for which day? Saturday or Sunday?
Hey Felix,

Me & a buddy from work was just talking about hitting Devils Ditch. He is from Madison and knows the trail pretty well. Maybe we can meet up with you guys.
My wife's birthday is the 19th so the only option for me is the 18th.
18th it is!
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Have fun guys. I could only do the 19th and that was a maybe. The 60 is cruisable now w/ it fresh inspection sticker!
Congrats on the inspection! Does that mean we'll see it at the next meeting? :bounce:
I sure hope so! Maybe the next happy hour if I can pick a good place. Anyone think of a good bar with a big parking lot between tysons and Arlington? Then we can check out each others trucks and line them up. Maybe get a good picture for the sweet new website we've got! Site looks great Seb

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