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Apr 5, 2008
Menifee, CA
@wngrog Wondering if you've ever used high pressure water sprayer to lightly strip second coat of paint? Our 40 has a bad second paint layer over mostly good original paint. I've been able to remove some with a wet razor blade, but some paint is better adhered in places and I risk scratching the good paint. Would love to strip off the second layer to expose what's underneath. Any advice? (Apologies if I missed an earlier post.)

Pic of our rig:
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I am able to remove a top coat with Laquer Thinner and liberal amounts of elbow grease without obvious damage to the original base coat. I also used it to remove all of the black spray paint from my firewall. Its extremely time consuming, but feel better to go slow and steady versus get aggressive and really damage the base coat paint. I do not plan to strip the exterior green to the original beige, I'm just going to let it fade away naturally. I removed a bunch of green overspray from the underside of the hood and also cleaned up some green blotches on the fenders and hood.

Underhood Before.jpeg

Underhood Before 2.jpeg

Underhood After.jpeg



All of the grey primer/sealer and green paint the the above two photos COULD be removed with laquer thinner and rubbing/wiping with a lot of time and effort invested without damaging the beige paint from what I have seen cleaning up some various areas. I just use paper towels and keep them wet and fold over to clean area as the towel gets dirty. It would likely take months to clean the entire exterior of the truck....
Jun 3, 2019
Orlando, FL
First dry day in a couple weeks here in Central Florida. First coat of Penetrol. You guys are right (not a shocker). This Penetrol stuff is awesome!

I used a grout sponge for some of it which didn't go well. The sponge seemed to move around what was left of the oxidation, leaving some streaks. A mini paint roller was a must for the roof. Might use the roller or a brush for round 2.



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