Pre Purchase question - Oil Leak

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Mar 5, 2023
New to site, Looking to try a 100 series. Looked at a 2006 this weekend with around 182k miles on it. There was some oil seepage around the valve cover area, but a bit lower. Was hoping someone here could let me know where they think this is coming from? Front left of engine bay. TIA.


If you replace the valve cover gaskets, replace all the little bolts and especially the spring washers, too. Torque spec is pretty low, so be careful.
Thank you both, I was just double checking to make sure there is nothing else this could be so I can take that into account when figuring out potential expenses included with purchasing the vehicle.
FWIW - I bought a '06 with 290K. I noticed a VCG leak, cleaned that area up and tightened the VCG bolts back down (they are only like 7-8ft. lbs) and it's been bone dry since (about 3 weeks, or 500 miles). My leak was in the same exact area.

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