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Jul 30, 2008
I'm in the market for a 62 -- anyone know of a knowledgeable shop that can look at it before I plonk down the cash? Just in case I miss something? I'm in Seattle. Thanks. :)
Hook up in the clubhouse section introduce yourself and maybe someone will be willing to look at one with you that think you are going to settle on. If its down south I would be will to look it over for you. Other wise Torfab maybe its the only shop I know around here but I think he is up north.
Thanks -- I'm looking at one this evening in West Seattle that sounds pretty nice. Torfab? I'll look it up. Thanks again!
Don't be afraid to go back for a second look with someone and let the thing sit for a few days if you need to :)

That blue one? looks nice, seems well maintained which can be worth a lot to some people. But the price seems a little high to me, how many miles?
OK I just have to say it ...before you dive in make sure you have clearance from a licensed mental healthcare professional!

Good luck and welcome aboard.
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I didn't. I'm thinking maybe a Cruiser is not the right tool for my purposes. Its maiden voyage will be a 1500 mile slog from Seattle to Fargo in mid-August. So I probably need something a little happier at speed and with good air conditioning (none of the ones I've looked at seem to have fully functioning units). So it may be a boring 4Runner or heaven forbid a Cherokee...
ac conversion cost me 200 bucks yesterday, and now I'm running the modern stuff so it's cheap as s*** if I ever need a recharge. doesn't take a lot long to do either, shop had it done in a couple hours.

I can cruise the land at 70 all day long...just takes a while to get up to that...and as long as there's no big hills. all of that is made up for with all the compliments I get wherever I go.
Yea I am on 36's and I will still run 70-75 mph pre turbo but, why not a 80? I would go 80 all day over a 4runner. you can pick up fj80s for cheaper then you can fj60s, fzj80 maybe a little more. And you can pimp out some bad ass 80s. They just look mean compared to a 4runner.

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