Pre-locker install questions - 1991 w/SF axle

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Aug 30, 2006
Ok, first things first... I ordered an Aussie locker a few days ago, it will be at my door tomorrow (Monday). I need to know a few things.

1. What's the best way to install it? Being a semi-floater, it's got an inspection cover on the rear of the housing. Is it easier to install with that cover removed, or should I just drop the whole 3rd (I know it's heavy)?

2. What is the best way to re-seal the axle? I have a new gasket for the diff cover, should I use some type of RTV on it or just the gasket? Also, I don't have a new gasket for the 3rd. I've heard that it's better to NOT use a gasket on the 3rd, is this true?

3. C-clips and axle seals. Will I need new ones, or will the old ones be fine to reuse?

That's all I can think of for now.....I'll post up if I think of more.

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If it were me, I'd just loosen the drum brakes, pull the cover & the C-clips, yank the axles out just enough to clear the third, then follow the ausse installation instructions. That's how I helped do a Dana series axle a while back. I think if you're third isn't leaking, don't mess with removing it. Then again, I'm not like some of the other "While I'm In There" Mud Members.:rolleyes:

Of couse that's not how I did it on my FJ. I bought a Full Floater, bought a third with an ARB already installed, slapped it all together & off I went.:clap:
That's what I was thinking...
Not sure about the installation, but I have got pretty good at sealing up diffs.

Remove the inspection cover (and diff carrier) and using the double nut trick, remove the studs out of the housing. Using a spinsrealfast tool of your choice and a Scotchbrite pad, clean all mating surfaces.

I only use OEM gaskets. Paper for the diff carrier side and cork for the inspection cover.
Install studs. Wet the paper gasket with water so it is damp. Install gasket, install carrier, tighten, done. It will not leak.
Get the different thickness thrust washers from toyota incase you need them, i did not and my parts guy let me return them.
Hmm... For the record, how many of you who installed the Aussie Locker actually needed new thrust washers?
I did. I ordered one of each size.
Had to use one size larger on the drivers side and one size smaller on the pass side.

When I installe the locker, I just removed the diff cover and not the whole 3rd.
Mud eater-

Since you have the SF axle, how long did it take to install the locker? Removing the 3rd seems like an unnecessary step with the inspection plate...

It took me about 2.5 hours. The last c-clip is the hardest part of the install.
Just check all your cleareances.

Good luck.
no need to remove the third member, it should only take a couple of hours. You don't even have to remove the tires. My best advice would be to follow the instructions that come with the locker, the coat hanger tool doesn't make sense until you are in there but it is necessary and makes things much easier. Also, if you can round up a helper that would be the biggest help. Getting the axles in the right spot to push the c-clip back in is difficult by yourself. I ended up lying on the ground and pulling on the tire with my foot to get everything lined up.
Well I got it installed last night. Everything was within tolerance. Lucky me... Started at 9:30 pm, finished cleaning at 12:55 am :lol: :eek:

I didn't bother using the little coat-hanger tool. I just slid the cam gear/spacer in, held it in place with my hand, pushed the axle in far enough to expose the C-clip groove, and carefully finagled the C-clip in.

Took it for a test drive, I could hear it ratcheting around tight turns... Gave it some gas, and it locked right up. Chirping tires sound cool on a 3FE :hillbilly:
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Congratulations, You will not regret it.
Now its time to try it out on the trail.

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