Pre 1982 4X PTO Spider 04371-60020 Rebuild Kit

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Jan 23, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Unfortunately there is neither oem nor aftermarket replacement for the early model 4X pto shaft universal joints (04371-60020, spider)!

Many of us struggle to get these spiders replaced with the late model spider and add a 5mm washer under the retaining clip to balance the size difference.
The actual cross centre of the old spider is always comes out in serviceable condition but due to the lack of spare part cups these spiders rarely changed.

I would like to solve this problem for many of us by re-making the key part 37431-60010 cup of the uni joint so whoever has this spider in the pto drive shaft can remove and reassemble it with new bronze cups and new rubber O-rings.

I would like to get these cups machined to oem quality.
I have a genuine nos spider 04371-60020 (see photos) so I can get my machinist the bronze cups copied.

A two shaft driveline would have 3 joints to rebuild. Front, middle and rear.

Please register your interest so I can estimate the manufacturing volume and update the final price for a rebuild kit.
A rebuild kit will include 4 cups (37431-60010) and 4 O-rings. (96710-02010). The centre cross member need to be salvaged.

I would like to keep the kit under $50 plus shipping. Final price and delivery terms will be confirmed prior to order.

Hope this will help many.






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Remanufactured kit for 04371-60020 spider
Price varies pro rata as machining cost decrease over volume which I'm happy to pass onto fellows at the Mud.

Kit Includes:
4 pcs -
Bronze cup CNC machined to OEM specification 0/0 tolerance
Material: CuSn12
4pcs -
Rubber seal O-ring

1 kit - $60
2 kit - $90
3 kit - $120

Currently there are 40 kits available. This batch may be repeated if sold and there is enough interest. These prices reflect the historic low for copper but may increase in future.

Full payment upon ordering via Paypal

Shipping is not included and vary for weight, type of service and address.
Goods made in Australia and shipped world wide. Shipping can be paid separately before dispatch.

EFT - end of September 2016

Also available limited stock of
OEM Toyota circlips various thickness
NOS $2.80/pcs
90521-22011 T:1.2mm
90521-22012 T:1.25mm
90521-22013 T:1.30mm
Due to lack of interest this project is on the waiting list. If you interested please make sign and if enough interest is generated it can be done anytime..
hello, still have Remanufactured kit for 04371-60020 spider ?
possible to have diameter 20 mm 0/0 instead 19.85 mm ?
I'm interested in a full joint, not just a rebuild. Is this available anywhere?
Just ran into this old post and wondered if you still have any rebuild kits around? I would need 3 kits.

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