Power windows/sunroof stuck open '96

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Aug 26, 2013
I can't seem to find my repair manual or EWD at the moment so I figured I'd post this and see if anyone has some input. All four windows and my sunroof are stuck open at the moment, seems like they get no power, although the door locks seem to work; I figured power is fine to the doors and I don't see any blown fuses. The truck has been sitting in the garage for about two weeks since I last used it (when it worked fine) and parked with the windows down. I don't see anything else acting up, electrical-wise at least. Any thoughts as to where to start?
Check the window lockout button on the driver's control panel. It gets pushed (or un-pushed) and causes problems. Not sure if it affects the sunroof though.

Edit: Just checked my lockout switch. Out = all windows work. In = only Driver's front works from driver's panel, no others. The sunroof works with the switch in or out.
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Yeah I had already checked the lock button/switch and it didn't seem to change anything, but I didn't think it would affect the sunroof either. The fuse seemed ok and I swapped it with a spare to be certain but nothing changed; wouldn't this be the same circuit as the locks though, not sure. I guess I will tear into it more this weekend, maybe try the relay trick too, if I have more time to see if I can pinpoint the culprit. Also, for the record all 4 door controls also don't work, not just the driver's door.
worst case scenario theres a screw that operates as a manual crank for the sunroof. I read it somewhere on this forum--if i recall correctly it was posted by a female mudder.
Ok so for the record, I haven't officially fixed this but the problem resolved itself when I went to actually look at the problem, sort of. It appears to be a cold temperature issue in a way. The windows just don't work for about five minutes or so, only when the temperature is below 45 degrees or somewhere around there. After thst sll is normal and functioning. Not sure it is a power issue or what. Although the truck cranks up normally and power guage seems normal etc. I don't know exactly but it seems consistant enough that I at least know what to expect I suppose. Crisis averted I guess. Thanks for the input, I just wanted to share the "outcome" with you guys at least.

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