Power windows and Power Locks stopped working immediately after it snowed outside.

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Sep 18, 2014
Redding, CA
Ive seen lots of people replacing switches, cleaning them, testign with a spare battery, but for me, i have two big issues.

Both the door locks and power windows stopped working suddenly, after a winter snow fall. not sure if the cold had anything to do with it. Perhaps water damage?

Ive been unsuccessfull at locating a dead fuse.

I should also mention the drivers side master switch panel has been replaced before. But, to be clear, the sunroof, and all window switches and door locks do not work.

I suspect a bad ground or relay? Im no sure where the relay would be but any tips or advice would be helpful.
Did you check the fuse?
Check the (brake or stop) fuse under the dash.
Checked the stop fuse. i checked several and didnt find anything burned... guess ill have to break out the tester and check them more carefully. But, none burned that i could see. Do you know which fuse the windows are on by chance?

i made sure the wire harness in the door was firmly connected to all the switches, still no luck there. Does the Master Lock button (The Square one) lock out windows and locks? i dont ever mess with it so i dont remember :)

perhaps that button failed
Check the connections in the A-pillar behind the kick plate. Mine tended to work loose and were corroded from sunroof drainage.

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