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Aug 9, 2007
Tucson, AZ
Hi there. Our FJ62 front passenger window motor is an aftermarket that a local shop provided. A highly experienced Land Cruiser specialty shop looked at it while it was in for a valve adjustment this week. They said the only problem was that the motor was aftermarket, and that a change to a Toyota motor would solve the problem. Well, those are just about gone. You show one that is not listed specifically for the FJ62, but I'm told that the motor in the FJ80 is the same. Will your motor Power Window Lift Motor - Passenger Front/Driver Rear - FJ80/FZJ80 1991-1998 adapt to the FJ62? What's the track record on performance and reliability of that motor?

By the way, the aftermarket side view power mirrors are doing great.

Thank you.


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