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Oct 23, 2022
Boise, ID
Included with my 1969 FJ 40 project is a Toyota power steering unit probably from '79 or '80 just like the one shown in the attached photo. I wish to install it using the power steering kit for JT Outfitters. Apparently this kit allows you to line up the unit with the steering column. I also want to upgrade the steering column to a collapsible adjustable unit. Any recommendations on what column will work best?

Power Steeing Unit.jpg
Not too sure there's enough length with the box in the stock location for a collapsible column.

It would have to be a custom shaft within a shaft design.

Besides, with the box and column so far back from the front of the vehicle, a hit that collapses your steering column is going to be bad enough you'll be dead anyway.
I would not recommend JT Outfitters. I placed a very simple order more than 2 weeks ago, and they keep giving me the run around. I only live one state over from them. I won't be buying from them anymore.

I've heard good things about the IDIDIT columns.
Georg @orangefj45 at Valley Hybrids has all the parts and can answer the column question.
if the box is from a Landcruiser and not from a mini truck, you would need the stock pedestal for the frame mount
you can use a later 1981+ steering column from a 40 series, but there will be wiring issues and the key is on the column
also the firewall is shaped different for the hole versus what you have now

IIRCC the bracket in a kit are made to use a mini truck box which has different angles than the Landcruiser box
We make the PS box mounts for the mini PS box as well as the Sag PS pump bracket. We can also supply the PS hose kit and the proper pulley you’ll need for the pump.
We’ve sold lots of these over the last 15 years and have installed a number of them here at the shop so tech support won’t be an issue.
I’d also recommend the IDIDIT column as others have.
Happy to help!
Georg @ Valley Hybrids @ Cruiser Brothers
Shop 209-475-8808
If you have not cut the original steering box/column, I would be interested in it.
As others said the box could be from a mini truck or a land cruiser. Post a sideway pic of the box and someone can tell you. I got a land cruiser PS (from a 79 I think) and used a later non-PS pedestal (from a 72 I think) on my 65. Got the column coupler from JT outfitter which required cutting the stock shaft and welding it at the end. Turned out nice and it’s night and day compared to the old 65 steering box. But I’m 6’ 1” and the steering touches my knees a bit, if I knew I would have made the shaft longer compared to stock. Collapsible one would be nice to have.

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