Power Steering Shaft Noise

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
My 87fj60s power steering is making noise from the shaft. When I squirt oil on it it goes away. I rebuilt it a year or so ago. It is on the shaft that the pulley is on that goes into the pump. It doesn't leak. Is there some grease that should be in there?
kurt 87fj60
There is only a seal on the shaft there. I think there might be a small rock or sand in there. The seal is not leaking, when I spray oil on the shaft the noise goes away. When I spray oil on the shaft, the oil can't get inside the pump can it? So that should rule out something wrong internal. Can I replace the seal without taking apart the pump?
If you're talking about the pump seal, then no, you have to pull it apart. If it's not leaking, there's no reason to open up the pump. Are you sure it's not the belt making noise? What kind of noise is it?
I put belt dressing on the belt and it did nothing. I sprayed right on the shaft at the seal and the noise went away. It is a loud whooshing, light grinding bad bearing type of noise.I put spray oil (wd40 type) on it, it went away and came back. I squrited motor cycle chain lube on it and it went away. It is strange that the seal to shaft would make a noise but not leak.

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