Power Steering pump replacement

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Mar 17, 2004
upstate SC

Can someone tell me which hose on the power steering reservoir is the return line? I think it is the smaller one coming from the cooling lines, but the FSM shows the larger one going to the pump as the return line. I want to purge the air before making the final connections, but I am afraid of letting the pump go dry if I disconnect the wrong hose.

I have a '90 pickup with the 22RE.


Typically, the return line will not be high pressure and as such connected via nipple and clamp design. The high pressure will always be connected via threaded nipple design or something similar in robustness.

However, letting your pump go dry is really not a huge issue. You are going to have to bleed the system anyway and all that is is cycling your wheels from lock to lock several times after then intial fill up of fluid.
Still having problems

I tried to bleed the system today. First, but cycling the steering from lock - to - lock a few times and then by loosening the bleeder screw on the steering box. I have done this sucessfully before, but now I can't seem to get the air out of the system. I can open the bleeder screw up, but fluid never runs out! The power steering does work, but the pump has the typical whine when there is air in the system. Suggestions??
Get a friend, Remove fluid cap on PS pump, cycle the steering back and forth more than a few times until your friend cannot see any more bubbles at the reservoir.

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